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To Party or not to Party?

To HAVE a party, that is.

Yesterday was Ducks’ official last day of class (yeah, I know, it’s about time I write something about him instead of babbling on about myself all the time!). Random question – do you guys at other law/med schools applaud your professors at the end of the semester? Ducks said that someone starts a round of claps in each of his classes on the last day. Respect or sucking up? I don’t know.

Anyway, so today he will be enjoying the day off school and my sister will be enjoying the day off work. I, on the other hand, will be spending a very l-o-n-g and busy day in the office. How glorious. Although, to be fair, Ducks says it’s really like working overtime for him, since he’ll be studying all day. That boy is so serious about school. I would never be a good law student, because I would be all, “Day off! Time to sit in the sun and drink sugar-free lemon drops (which, sidebar, might be the best drink EVER).” But, no, he’s all scholarly and up at 6 a.m. this morning, trying to wake me up and getting all studious in his little office.

I will say that finals this time are much less stressful (so far at least). Hopefully that’s a good omen.

Okay, now I’ve gotten completely distracted from the purpose of my post, which is, what do you think about the idea of having an end of the 1L year party? Fun? A distraction? I would plan to have it at our house, make it fairly small and do it the Saturday after finals are over.

Decisions, decisions. I’m just glad I can use my brainpower on social gatherings, while my poor husband is focusing all his (for today at least) on contracts and torts.

Cribs: Legally Married Edition

On this episode of Law School Cribs, I’d like to introduce you to: the Legally Married household during finals.

Let me tell you, people: it is not pretty.

And, I’m very concerned for the health and welfare of its inhabitants, especially considering that this week is actually only dead week, not even actual exam time.

Our living room floor. Please note not only the new rug (I need to take some overall pictures of the room to show you all because we’ve made a lot of changes), but also the stylish accessories, such as the 15-foot extension cord that is inexplicably being used to power the computer.

Moving on from there, we’ll take a look at the coffee table. While it hasn’t necessarily been a showpiece of the house even in good times (we got it for $5 from my mom’s office when they were replacing furniture), today, it’s really got something special going on, in the way of the casualties that were the hundreds of trees my husband has killed this semester.

Also, please note the half-loaf of bread that we’re apparently now using as a paperweight. You know, instead of a real paperweight?

Although at this juncture, I have to be fair and mention that while my husband has many papers and such scattered around, I have lots of just plain clutter everywhere — library books on the coffee table, pair of jeans on the floor by the coffee table, my cup I was drinking from yesterday on the floor (I don’t know why?!) on the other side of the coffee table. So, while he’s studious, I think I might be accused of being just plain messy.

The kitchen table. Now, my friend Amanda has a blog post about a contest she’s entered based on her beautiful place setting of her dining room table (go read her post and vote for her everyone!). I’ve borrowed her photo here – hope that’s okay, Amanda!! Why? Just to show you a bit of contrast between her beautiful, elegant table…

And what we’re working with here.  

Flashcards, memo assignments, highlighters, and, why yes, that IS a pair of earplugs on the table back there. Also, in the chair, that’s my bag of extra clothes from this past weekend (I told you I’m being especially slobby….sigh).

Moving on to our final photo of the Legally Married casa, I give you: our kitchen counter.

For some reason, in addition to notebooks filled with practice exams, open textbooks and pages upon pages of notes,we also have:

1) A bracelet

2) A young adult fiction book (Emily Climbs – another Lucy Maud Montgomery classic)

3) A Jason’s Deli fork and napkin set. We haven’t been to Jason’s Deli since this summer. I have no idea why that’s there. By the way, does anyone else dislike how the napkins in those kinds of packs get really peppery-smelling?

So, while compiling this short photo essay, I’ve come to two conclusions. First, that I have a lot of junk around our downstairs. Second, that my husband has a lot of studying to do this week. I’m just thankful there are no photographs of mountains of takeout boxes or piles of dirty dishes. We’re being clean and healthy, just not tidy. 😉

A Bundle of Random and a Proposition

This was a blah weekend. I’m going to chalk it up to a little rain, a horrible week in football (for both collegiate and my fantasy team) and just some bad mood hormones.

And, my husband studied at home Sunday. It’s nice to have him at home all day, but I can tell it was a sacrifice for him. He really needs the structure of the library to study, so I think next Sunday will find him back on campus instead of at home. It also made it a bit more stressful. because I was trying to be quiet but still get all my Sunday work done — cleaning up, laundry, dishes, etc. — while making a minimum amount of noise. Not really possible, so I think that just fueled my melancholy, because every clink of a plate felt like a huge deal. That’s way too much stress — to try to be quiet, be supportive and be a super-tidy superwife all at the same time. So, I’ll miss seeing him on Sundays but I think that this new method may be the best. Thoughts?

Also, thank you for all the recipes! I ended up making queso (thanks, NTNW!), a veggie tray (including red bell pepper slices – yum!), mini pigs in a blanket and brownies (note to ohmypuddin – I didn’t make the Symphony bar brownies Saturday, but have made them before to rave reviews – they are amazing!). I’ll keep using y’all’s recipes each week as we keep watching games. 🙂

I’m having a sort of a thought lately. Probably a bad one – what do you think? Since we’ve moved into our house, I find myself doing a lot more chores. After all, I guess it takes more effort to clean a two-story house than an 800 square foot apartment. I’ve been wondering – how dirty do you think my house might get if I were to “take off” from cleaning for an entire week? Obviously, I wouldn’t leave plates of rotting food out, etc. My husband thinks I’m putting too much stress on myself by fussing about extra chores at this house that I didn’t do on a regular basis at the apartment, in addition to the whole painting/decorating thing — and I’d (kind of evilly) also like to see how much housework gets done if I’m not the one doing it.

What do you think? Would not cleaning (or not cleaning as thoroughly) make life less or more stressful? I don’t know that this activity will happen anytime soon, because during football and basketball season, we tend to have company over at least once a week and I don’t want to shame myself with my slovenliness. But, have you ever tried it? Or would you recommend it?

Decisions, Decisions

Okay, blog readers, I feel the need to take a little poll. Since you already know about my husband’s all-consuming obsession with sports, and with college sports in particular, I must ask you this.

Should we, or should we not, go to our college’s football game this weekend?

Reasons Why We Should Go:

It’s still early in the semester.

It’s still early in the season.

Our team will win, and of course, we want to be part of it.

Ducks is completely up-to-date on reading.

Ducks really wants to go.

He usually doesn’t do a lot of studying on Saturdays – tries to take a bit of a break for at least part of the day.

My parents will be there.

Reasons Why We Should Not Go:

It’s a long drive.

Gas money and tickets are expensive.

He should probably spend the time studying.

I have to work at a volunteer project in the morning.

My parents will be there.

So, the options are thus:

A. Attend the game and don’t study – spend the day taking a break.

B. Don’t attend the game – get ahead on reading and work.

C. Study in the morning, then go to the game in the afternoon.

Our fates rest in your hands, blog readers! Let me know whether I should be piling on my school spirit a la New Teacher New Wife’s post, or whether I should diligently do chores (and maybe some painting) while my husband studies it up.

Why I Love My Husband: Reason #2

First, news report: it’s raining in Texas. A lot. This girl Hermine is wreaking a lot of havoc with our ecosystem here. And, for the love of Harry Potter, why can’t weatherpeople spell Hermoine as JK Rowling obviously intended?

Seriously, though, the rain is good for our lawn and it’s good for cooling things off here. What it’s not so good for: studying apparently.

Since it’s Texas and we have issues with adjusting to any weather besides 7000 degrees hot, obviously the infrastructure of our cities can’t tolerate a few drops of rain. Oh, no, at the first hint of rain, most of our city lost power. We didn’t at work but they did at Ducks’ school. He stays on campus most of the day to study and a little before noon, I received this text message:

“Electricity keeps going out at school. I need a miner’s head flashlight! Seriously.”

Okay, so when 99 percent of people send that type of text, you’d automatically assume it was meant to be humorous, right?

Well, Ducks is in that other one percent, I guess. When I got home from work, sitting nonchalantly on the kitchen counter was – you guessed it- one of those light things that goes on your head. I had no idea that those items could be purchase anywhere besides Pickaxes R Us but my husband can truly find anything he sets his mind to.

While this is funny, this is not actually the reason why I love him. I love him because, despite many protests, he allowed me to go with him into our downstairs bathroom, turn off the lights and take his picture. What an adorable good sport.

(he said, “this I really not necessary because you’re just going to blur out my face and put it in your blog.” maybe true – but still totally necessary, don’t you agree?)

And for the record, he hadn’t actually opened the package when I got home, so the forehead flashlight was not actually put to use at law school. But I think he’d make some sort of name for himself if he did use it.

On second thought, excuse me. I’ve got a flashlight to hide.

Thoughts and Fantasy

Most people celebrate four seasons in the year However, in the Legally Married household, we really only acknowledge three.

It’s  not because we live in Texas. If we were basing it off that, we’d really only celebrate two – the 362 days of summer and the 3 days of winter.

Here in our home/family, it seems, our seasons revolve thus: football season, basketball season, baseball season. I’ve talked a bit before about how I like sports and bracketology, but my love of sports (with the possible exception of college basketball) pales in comparison with my husband’s. Thanks to the continuing proliferation of the seasons – longer baseball seasons, more preseason football, etc., etc., it’s doubtful that there is ever a day when some form of athletic competition is not shown on our television.

What’s my point with this?

Fantasy football. Well, fantasy anything really – sports-wise that is. My husband is o-b-s-e-s-s-e-d when it comes to fantasy sports. I once told him that if there were such a thing as fantasy grass-growing, he’d probably join a league for that. Seriously. And, to once and for all relegate my husband to the world of nerds and Mugglecast listeners, he also listens daily to the Fantasy Focus podcast. He’s these kids, pretty much:

(Video courtesy of ESPN)

Maybe I’m being a little overly sarcastic about this, because I also like fantasy sports. I’m in a fantasy league; I watch SportsCenter on a regular basis and I –oh, shame of shame — read ….and post… on message boards about the sports programs at my alma mater. I’ve even been known to listen to the Fantasy Focus podcast myself and to fantasize about being welcomed to the podcast’s Man’s League (which, as it sounds, has very few women in it). But, I mostly listen to the podcast for its freakishly amazing theme song, performed by international recording superstar Eric Hutchinson.

Alright, so I still haven’t gotten to the point. But here it is.

On Sunday night as I was driving home from the gym, I was so proud of my little law student for spending his Sunday in diligent study at the law school library. Then, I got a call from him that went a little something like this.

Ducks: Hey – I want to tell you something but don’t be mad (sidenote: Writing this, I’m seeing a trend that many of our blog-worthy conversations start with this phrase).

Me: Okay…?

Ducks: I just might have agreed to play in a fourth fantasy football league.

Me: ?!?!?!?!

Ducks: And, don’t get mad…..but I might have to pay to play.

Me: ?!?!?!

At least, according to the case I was reading the other day, there’s a difference in non-professional, person-to-person recreational gambling and professional. I can’t remember what that case was called, so you actual law students might have to help me out with this.

My concern is not so much with the money part, because he is a walking sports dictionary so I’m sure he’ll come out well in the league. The issue is the time needed to manage four — yes, FOUR — fantasy sports teams, along with all the research and gamewatching that Ducks finds essential to adequately performing his role as a fantasy owner. Yes, that was more sarcasm there.

How are you, the other students out there, finding your free time? Do you have time for extracurricular activities of this or a similar nature? Ducks has been great about spending a lot of time at the library and keeping up with his reading, but do those of you with more graduate school-type experience think that there’s time to do this kind of fun activity and stay on top of your homework and study responsibilities at the same time?

He is certain that he can handle it all and that he won’t get distracted, because fantasy football is apparently much less time-consuming than fantasy baseball or fantasy basketball. What do you think? Useful outlet for stress relief or possibility for distraction?