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In honor of Thanksgiving, and really because you all shamed me into it with your poignant, touching, interesting lists, I’m going to provide my own list of things I’m thankful for.

1) My family. I have the best sisters anyone could ask for, a father who believes in me and a mother who makes me laugh. They are wonderful. Add to that, two loving grandmothers, a mother-in-law who is a saint and an excellent father-in-law and brother-in-law. I’ve been lucky to draw this group in life’s lottery.

2) My new home. We’ve been so lucky this year. When I think about where we were 2 1/2 years ago when we got married (living in two different cities) to where we were last year (new to the city and in a little apartment) to this year as a law school family with a new house, it just boggles the mind. I’m so thankful to have this little nest of my own.

3) Water-based paint. With all the painting I’ve done this year, I was a-speckle every Monday morning, despite showers and scrubbing and using facial exfoliator on random parts of my body. I can only imagine how vile I would have been if I had to use oil-based paint for everything.

4) Friends. This whole year seems to have revolved a bit more around being social, getting connected and making friends. Not only do I have the best group of work friends, I also get to live in the same city with my college best friend and make new connections from community organizations like PRSA and JL. I’ve branched out and made the effort to get connected and it has certainty paid off.

Then, of course, there’s YOU. You wonderful blog friends! I never dreamed that when I first read Brittany’s blog, I’d end up looking forward to “talking” with all of you on an almost daily basis. I never thought I’d be so connected to a group of people, some of whom I’ve never met, whom I’ve never seen and who I may never actually get to know in person. But you are amazing. I look forward to hearing about your days every single day. Thanks for being you!

5) All the things — big and small — that make up good health. This year, just like every other year, I’ve been almost completely healthy. But, the little things can remind you of just how grateful you are to be able to function normally. Getting an eye infection or having a minor case of allergies or being so sore you can’t get out of bed or climb the stairs in your house from a workout are things that make you grateful for the 1,000,000 other things about your body that are functioning just precisely as they should.

Today when I was at the mall, I saw a guy on this super heavy-duty Segway. At first, I was so intrigued by the big tire-style wheels that I didn’t notice — the reason he was using the Segway was because he had metal poles where his legs once were. And yet, he’s smiling, wheeling himself around and making a trip to the mall. That makes my whining about a headache or a problem with my contacts seem petty.

6) College basketball. Now that the season’s here, I am SO freaking excited. My favorite player took the court again this past week and I can tell that we’re headed toward good things this year. And, my in-laws have already purchased us tickets to several games for Christmas, so there’s no financial guilt in attending whatever games the law school schedule allows.

7) Good finances. As much as I worry about money, we’re in good shape. I got a very nice holiday bonus this week, which certainly made the week a little more exciting! While the prudent thing is probably to put it toward tuition, a part of me feels like “Hey, that’s my bonus….it’s laptop time!” Hmmm…..

8) My husband. Wednesday night, I went out with some friends. Prior to going out, I was moping around the house, reading “Life of Pi” and getting cranky. When he told me that he might take a study break and go out with me, I got so excited. I was surprised at my own reaction – I felt like I was getting to hang out with a celebrity or something – excited, happy, ecstatic. Even though he ended up not coming with me (opting for a date with civil procedure instead), my reaction made me think: “That’s the way love should be. Exuberant excitement to be with the one you love.” Even though he can irritate me, I do love my husband.

Okay, I’m going to be a rebel now and end without a #9 or #10, so this list isn’t a real list, but that’s okay. I hope you have a wonderful, beautiful Thanksgiving Day – you are all awesome and you all deserve it!

Thanksgiving Dilemma Solved

The choice has been made. And it’s a crucial one.

We have decided what we will eat for Thanksgiving dinner.

For a while, I was furrowed-browedly debating on this. Should we go for turkey and all the trimmings, or should we go with something unique? After all, it’s just the two of us and I only have one day off. Do I really want to spend the entire day in the kitchen?

I thought about doing an homage to Thanksgiving of some sort – maybe turkey enchiladas or something that involved cranberries and alcohol. And, I asked Ducks several times, obviously to no avail. So, since I’m not a law student and don’t have school things of my own to think about, I decided instead to spend many extra minutes of my daily drive, when “Fly Like a G-6” or Taylor Swift wasn’t playing to thinking about this food quandary.

Today’s shopping trip decided it. We are having a turkey breast and some of the traditional sides, although we will not be having either cranberry sauce or dressing. Which, just to interject here, holy cow, turkeys have giant breasts. I’m sorry to make the obviously joke here, but the turkey whose breast we purchased could totally have given Anna Nicole Smith a run for her money.

Anyway, we will be having mashed potatoes, green bean bundles and crescent rolls to go with our turkey breast. And for dessert: no pumpkin (gasp!). Instead, we’re going to have peach cobbler. With, of course, Blue Bell homemade vanilla, the world’s most delicious ice cream (question to northern friends: do you have Blue Bell up there?).

I remember the first year we were married – Christmas was mid-week and I had no vacation time left because of wedding planning, the wedding and the honeymoon. We made pesto chicken pasta on Christmas Eve and ate it on our wedding china in our tiny little apartment and it was a special memory. And, I know the Pilgrims didn’t probably have pesto (or Santa’s elves either, for that matter), but they were definitely missing out.

So, the meal obviously doesn’t matter. It’s the memories that count. This will be our first major holiday in our new house and I want to get out our wedding china for the first time in our new kitchen and drink from our fancy crystal goblets that we never use and set a beautiful Thanksgiving table. And, apparently, while I’m doing this, I’ll also be eating turkey.

What are your Thanksgiving plans?